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You don’t need to pay for social ads to announce new collections or campaigns. With push notifications, it’s just a click of a button and costs ZERO dollars!

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Abandoned cart notifications

Shoppers abandon their carts so easily. Optimizing the checkout flow is a matter of months and takes so much money.

Change Time Frequency

‘’It all depends on your audience. We have A/B tested the timing and found the best. Having that option is a great value!’’

Customize Title/Message

‘’With the customizable abandoned cart push notification texts, we increased conversion rates dramatically.’’

Rich push notifications

Any communication message needs the attention of its target audience to fulfill its reason of existence. Without attention, even the best message is just trash.

Use Emojis

‘’Emojis are always fun and help you communicate the emotion. A better connection with customers gives better results!’’

Use Custom Image

‘’Push notification is the biggest marketing tool for us. Using custom images makes them more intriguing for sure.’’

Back in stock notifications

Send personalized and automated push notifications when a product gets back in stock. Balance supply and demand with data. Increase the sales!

Request Count

"Being able to know how many customers demanded a certain product is awesome. Everytime, we restock accordingly."


"With Back In Stock integration, we notify our customers both on mobile app and email. It increases the sales dramatically."

Scheduled push notifications

Deliver your notifications just when they will make sense and bring profit!

Avoid disturbance, attract more!

Schedule your push notifications according to when your customers will most likely buy.

Drive more engagement

Coordinate push notification campaigns to drive more engagement to your mobile app!